memorial day means a lot to me.  the reason that i say this is because  i had and still have family in the army.
I also want to be in the army  because i think it will be an honor to fight for my country. It o
my opinion on poverty is very simple.  The reason for this is that i don't really care for it.
it doesn't bother me and doesn't change me life. 
A poverty is how much a family makes based on how big your family is.
My new Year Resolution is that everyone will be nice to each other.
Also  To pass this year. :)
when i was done taking the learning style  survey i thought to myself that  it was really short.
But anyway after taking the survey it said that i was a Tactile learner.
after taking the survey  on left vs right brain it told me that i got
Left Brain Right Brain 45% 55%
I was really happy when i saw the results. the reason for this is because it shows that both  left and right are almost the sa
I think that  the teen who did it should be punished.the reason for this is because not cool or funny to post sensitive things about your friends or peers.just think if that teen was posting pictures of you and making fun of them it would not be so funny right? sometimes i wounder  how that teen would feel if he  had things posted about him all over the internet. if he posted things about me i wouldn't really like that and i would want him to be punished for writing/posting things about me.
that's my response on the rats215.
I just watched a really cool video about not letting people get to you. It was called habit 1 and the guy in it was talking about not letting things get to you. So if something bad happened to you that does not give you the right to be mean to someon
12 by 12 by 12 is about how you would make your first impression to somebody and if its a good one then you might have a new friend.

What Taylor Mali said was cool.Because it is most likely telling the people that don`t talk with great gramer.